Mar 12, 2009

Ipanema Slipper at Philippines

First of all, i am in Philippines again since 2 march 2009. Ipanema? This is the bloody expensive slipper. I have never heard about it until 2 days ago, a friend asked me to look for these slippers. So, i went to the mall and asked people around about it. I thot it was local traditional product. I went to local souvenir shop. nobody knew it. So, i walked around to mall and looked for shoes section. Found it. I think only rich people wear it. and one of the top supermodel endorses these slippers. Dunno what's so special about it. This is it.

It is imported from Brasil. There are lot of design, but the pic that i took is more or less my preference.

If you like it, tell me via e-mail. I'll buy it for u.