Aug 30, 2008

Malaysian Malaysia

These words seem to be very popular in my country recently. Since today is our 51st independent day, i'd like to write about it. 25 years ago, the kampung where i used to live. My kampung neighbour was a chinese. We played together but we never went to the same school though their home is very near to Sekolah Kebangsaan. No chinese or indian send to these school. There are about 20++ races in Malaysia since the independence. Nowadays, Chinese and Indians want to be equalized like the malay who rule the country. Chinese especially DAP has launched the slogan, Malaysian Malaysia. But, deeply i am quite suspicious. If we wanted truly not to be seggregated by races, still the chinese and indians defend their chinese and indian school. still, they want to retain their mother tongue as a medium of communication. Unlike in indonesia and phillipine, though chinese control the wide of the economy; they dont have the privillege to have chinese national school or retain medium of communication. It is pointless if the malay tried to propogate national unity and sacrifice, and the other side refuse to sacrifice.

I dunno what it is meant by Malaysian Malaysia. Does it mean, there would be no more malay, chinese, indian etc? Nation to have and speak in one Language? forget our heritage? Lotsa chinese supported the DAP but they failed to comprehend what malaysian malaysia it is.

I personally dont have problem with malaysian malaysia as i believe we have to be equally treated, to be given same level of opportunity. just like the malay phrase:
"hidung tak mancung pipi tersorong-sorong". We have TO EQUALLY SACRIFICE! Not fair if the other side forgo their privilege and heritage, and the other parties are not willing to do the same!

Aug 27, 2008

Ramadhan is Coming

Next week (1 september) will be Ramadhan Month (Fasting month). All Muslim (exceptional for youngling, who has period, very sick to death) will be required to fast. We (muslim)can't eat and drink from the very beginning of sunrise until it is dawn. We also need to prohibit themselves to control their lust from doing bad things (not only in Ramadhan). Ramadhan is the month of worship; Recite quran, tarawih prayer, be kind, be more charitable.....

Aug 26, 2008

Fridge Magnet - Europe Country (Limited)

Be patient my young padawan! Though it is limited but each one has 5 units (Setiap satu ada 5). The price is RM15.00. Postage around RM2.50 - RM5.50 (depends on the quantity that u purchase)

This one will not be available until next week. So, for those who are interested, u can give your comment and book first.

I sort it out by country; starting with:-

1. France


FM201 - out of stock


2. German


--- opppssss i totally forgot. I only have one unit of this because this one is an old logo of germany (i guess during the hitler era)


3. Italy


FM207 - Rome, an ancient building

FM208 - Venice

4. Spain - old one because u can see the barcelona olympic logo.



5. Swiss



Aug 24, 2008

Olympic Beijing 2008

Tremendous event. China has finally positioned themselves to become sport power. With china population with billion people, they should be plenty of talented sportmen and women, it shouldn't be a problem for china to be no.1 in gold medal ranking.

Funny thing, when i read theSun this morning about india:

One billion people, three medals. And they're saying it's their most successful for decades.

Bear in mind, India will take over world population from China in 2010.

And congrats to Malaysia also though malaysia only won 1 silver medal. Something is better than nothing ritee???? hihihihih.

Aug 21, 2008

The new Age career

Many of you might know me as the SAP consultant, application support, system analyst; just to let you guys know that before i join the IT industry (specifically SAP), my knowledge was about business. As you can see my degree, bachelor of science in Business and Economics (why the heck the university classified business and economics under bachelor of science not bachelor of art? don't ask me why). My major was Finance (business finance to be exact). In this field, i was expected to become a financial nerd, study the figure. study the investment, do the financial analyst. It was a very heavy subject. I don't quite understand why on earth i took this field. In 1995-1995, malaysian economic was booming. Stock market went high. People made tonnes of money at that time. Even postman can afford to buy masterpiece Mercedes because of high return playing the stock market. So, i decided...yeah..I want to make money in a very structured manner. Study the whole system, analytical approach. In 1997, financial speculator has caused economic turmoil in Asian region. Stock market crashed down. Lotsa people suffered, bankrupted. It has caused my financial knowledge appetite to crash down as well.

Worst part, when i got back from United States; it was very hard to find a job. I had first becoming an english teacher (for form 1 and 2), english trainer (operator kilang). the job was totally irrelevant to my academic background. Then, my first real job was Personal Assistant to MD. But i have to thank to this MD because he hired. This has become my stepping stone. After that, i joined the SAP industry. I really didn't know at that time that SAP is really lucrative industry. I joined for the sake to explore new opportunity. Money was 2nd matter.

However, my interest in financial investment and business is still there. I am still learning, the new way to make an investment. Online stock option, online trading etc. This blog is part and partial to make online money.

and i believe in this new age, no one should be jobless. there are plenty of opportunity. Grab one and u'll make money. Don't believe that there's only one way or believing that u can only do one thing and ignorance in other field. One thing for sure, nothing is permanent. U have to make yourself very flexible though u r comfortable and working with gigantic firm or government.
Hope u enjoy reading.

Aug 20, 2008

Blog Money (2)

As promised, this is another income generator from adsense.

For a start, USD0.20 is something. Out of nothing (yeah rite, i still have to squeeze my brain to set it up and put the code in the blog).

Once u apply for the adsense (, google will reply to your email (make sure you have gmail, just to impress google... bodek la sikit bang oiii). Normally, they will reply within a week. But my case, it only takes 3 days. I quickly googled it. It's very simple. It will be more easier if you use Just add the gadget under your layout. Choose adsense, and insert your adsense account (ur gmail ID) + postcode/handphone no. and...tadaaaa!!! just 1 minute to set up. Ask your colleague, your frens, your boyafren, gilafren to click the ads as shown in my blog. Per click, google will give USD0.05.

There are more to come if you have forum, u can put the google search engine and generate money.

Until then, good luck!

Fridge Magnet - Australia

Dear FMania,

Here the fresh bake Fridge Magnet from the sky, just to kill your FM thirst. Hope you like it.

This koala bear is not FM unfortunately. It's like a doll. To go for

Price: RM16.50

Price: RM16.50

Price: RM16.50

Price: RM16.50

This is FM not available anywhere in Australia. Only available at Port
Campbell. You have to go there to buy this one. It's unique.
price: RM22.00

Price: RM16.50

Price: RM16.50

Price: RM16.50

Price: RM16.50

- Reserved utk honey bee

Price: RM16.50

All price is excluding postage cost. Postage cost would be RM5.50

Aug 19, 2008

No Life No Money

My Beloved Shoes

Ripley! Believe it or not? Yeah. This is my beloved stinking and rotten shoes. How old is she?'s a she.. hahahah. i would say 3 years old. Bonia brand. The shoes looks exhausted already.
It's time to let you my dear. U r stink! i am gonna find a new partner. I am thinking hush puppies or Scotch.
Or anyone would want to buy me a new one? for my birthday? i havent got anything yet. Pity me. No one cares to buy me a thing for my very special birthday. ya..ya. this year hafta to buy for myself again.


As you all know, i have been attending tajwid (the way to read quran as what prophet muhammad s.a.w prescribed) since February this year. Almost a year already. Most of my classmates are quite, how do u say it...old... (mcm lah diri awak tu tak tua). Last time when i took exam was during my primary school. It was piece of cake; can do test while my eyes blindfolded. But this time around, it's gonna be different because the ustaz (teacher) who teaches the class is very detail oriented. he doesnt want to give extra ordinary question that usually answered by primary student. It will be technical question.

I am going to have exam monday next week, 26th august 2008. All the best to myself.

Aug 18, 2008

Nigerian Stuff

heh. I manage to get nigerian stuff. Nigeria used to be an agricultural country. But once they found the black gold (oil), they have abadoned the agricultural industry and the industry collapsed. Nigerian government totally relies on Oil as the main source of incomes. These are their currency notes; it's hard to find it except in african countries:

and here the so-called fridge magnet (made from camel skin and hand made)

The price for eachFM is RM16.00. Postage cost around RM4.00

Anyone interested in key-chain? the appearance look the same. The material are the same with FM.

price: MYR10.00 plus postage MYR4.00

Interested? please reply here.


Blog Money (1)

I guess you guys know already that blogging activities can give you extra money by putting advertising in it or put affliates. Who doesnt want free money with minimal effort? Here, I'll share what I have learnt from others as well as from personal experience. Free money of course with some effort it. U need to learn and think a bit.

First: U need to have blogspot account. Your blog must (MUST) be written in English. Comprendre?? Other blogger site like wordpress, blogdrive; they do have facilities to generate money...but very limited because they are still new player compared to (since blogspot is the pioneer in this blogging indutries). Why English? because google adsense can't understand malay. Perhaps, some other ads might understand and they can accept it. what the heck, just write in english for the better of yourself. Broken pun broken.... ahahahaha

Second: Open adsense account with . Google will review your applicaiton within a week before they can give your the authorization to put the advertisement in your blog.

Why on earth they give you money? because it is advertising. This is the cheapest way doing advertising. You know how much does it cost to put advertising in television, magazine or even popular website. Even though they pay us very little money, it is still dollar and cents worth while to your slim pocket. Money is money. U want to pee also sometimes u have to pay. heheheh. Even Your Sh*t also u have to pay to IWK.

I'll tell you more once i'll set up and finalize my reading

Bear with me.

Fridge Magnet - German

Today I got new Fridge Magnet from Germany. My colleague just got back from Germany. Too bad, she only bought one. Not enuff for everybody.

Whoever reply here first, it's yours and sell for RM9.00. But, there will be more from Germany. I will try my best to find one. For the time being, here it is:

Fridge Magnet - Sale

Another collection for those who'd really craze about FM

1 set (with 2 FM) - RM26.00

1 set (with 2 FM) - RM 26.00

Please reply here.

18 August 2008

Today is my birthday. Gosshh!!! i am old already. How coincident, i created this blog prior to my birthday. I never intended to create this blog before the day. I created this blog because the obsession of seeing my frens having blog.

Whatever it is, happy birthday to myself. Weird thing about my birthday, my parents never wish me happy birthday since the very first day i was born. Well, because i am used to it; dont care and no heart feeling even my closest friends dont wish. What do i want to buy for myself this year? Last 2 years I bought nokia N80. Very expensive, then I sold it because it is useless; cant be integrated to this notebook.
Think about it later.

Not to forget, to my friend who also has the same birthdate. Hanis. May you well with your love one.

This is where it begins

I dunno. I write blog once in a while. Almost everywhere then, i abandon it once in a while. Depending on the mood, i will update them regularly. But why the heck do I wanna start blogging here at wordpress? One of the reasons, i want to learn how to make money from the blogging activities, like putting affliates, adsense etc. Another good reason, i want to keep myself up-to-date with latest trend of the internet; wanted myself to flow with current stream. Bought a few books on internet related business.
This is where it begins. and the journey will continue…bear with me, will ya??