Jan 3, 2010

Vitamin B17/Laetrile Cure For Cancer?

I watched halal-bio at astro Oasis. One of the theory that cancer be cured through B17 a.k.a known as Laetrile; but it has not been fully approved by western scientist. In the past, there were people who tried this treatment and cured.

Source B17/Laetrile can be googled. It can be found in Raw Apricot seeds and many other raw Fruit seeds. Whatever it is, it is worth to try it out. Prophet S.A.W once said, Allah will not descend disease unless with cure. So, every disease there's cure except death and aging.

Picture of Apricot Seed

I used to have friend who passed away because of the breast cancer. When she tried to use alternative traditional treatment, from i heard she only consumed plain rice and salty fish. Most important thing is to maintain healthy diet and stay positive. i know word is cheap and easier said than done.

here's the link for additional reading and hope my readers spread and share with other people. Sharing is caring and world without cancer:

Disclaimer: please consult your medical doctor before you try any of the alternative treatment