Dec 27, 2009

Reminder for Malaysian Tax Payer 2009

Year end is approaching. Just a few more days we'll step into 2010. One of the checklist, you should complete your spending or expenditure related to your taxes. Otherwise, you have to pay more tax. Why not you spend for yourself and your family. Below is the list. Anything that is insufficient, you still have time to do so (few more days); buy books, donate to charity, buy PC etc.

Individual Tax Exemption for 2009


Individual Relief Types

Amount (RM)


Self and Dependent



Medical expenses for parents

5,000 (Limited)


Basic supporting equipment

5,000 (Limited)


Disabled Individual



Education Fees (Individual)

5,000 (Limited)


Medical expenses for serious diseases

5,000 (Limited)


Complete medical examination

500 (Limited)


Purchase of books, journals and magazines

1,000 (Limited)


Purchase of personal computer

3,000 (Limited)


Net saving in SSPN's scheme

3,000 (Limited)


Purchase of sport equipment for sport activities

300 (Limited)


Husband/Wife/Alimony Payments

3,000 (Limited)


Disable Wife/Husband



Ordinary Child relief



Child age 18 years old and above, not married and receiving full-time tertiary education



Child age 18 years old and above, not married and pursuing diplomas or above qualification in Malaysia @ bachelor degree or above outside Malaysia in program and in Higher Education Institute that is accredited by related Government authorities



Disabled child

Additional exemption of RM4,000 disable child age 18 years old and above, not married and pursuing diplomas or above qualification in Malaysia @ bachelor degree or above outside Malaysia in program and in Higher Education Institute that is accredited by related Government authorities



Life insurance dan EPF

6,000 (Limited)


Insurance premium for education or medical benefit

3,000 (Limited)

Dec 20, 2009

Lah Mien (湯麵) Mee (Noodle)

I am just trying new apps from iphone.

yesterday was trying eating mee tarik at masjid negeri shah alam. in mandarin it is called as lah mien mee. it was nice.

mee tarik is hand made mee. got chicken and meat flavor. you should try it. the owner opens the restaurant in kajang.

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Nov 30, 2009

One wish fulfilled: Iphone 3GS 16GB White

Last year in October, I wish I had 4 things. Because of financial commitment or lack of focus, i should have got at least one of the 4 items listed in the entry below by mid year of 2009.

unfortunately, nothing happened during the mid year of 2009. I kept postponing. However, last couple of week, i registered for maxis and bought the Iphone white in Color 16 GB. When first got the iphone, it's rather difficult to comprehend its function. No manual was given. I had to do a lot of extra reading. then, i understand its functions. I can say it is very powerful phone. It really change my perspective. at first i thought, iphone is just another phone with fancy touchscreen.

Now, with iphone, i can view US Option, Currency Exchange, stock market movement, gold price, radio, mobile banking, azan software, yahoo messenger etc.

Well, now left another 3 wishes:
1. DSLR Camera - Nikon D300s is on my mind right now
2. LCD TV - Samsung new 5 series which can connect to Youtube, HD
3. Mac Apple Machine - MacPro 15"

Dunno how long it takes. Probably another year. just wait and see.

Aug 26, 2009

New Template again

I dunno how many times i changed the template. Reason being i changed it, because the templates gave me problem, lots of error.

I don't like Standard template provided by it's kinda boring.

Aug 11, 2009

Netherland Amsterdam Fridge Magnet





Newly bought from Netherlands. Price RM20.00 each (not include postage and shipping cost). Interested, please email me at

Jun 7, 2009

Great Deal on New or Used Car

Have you ever thought of buying car online? I know it is kind of irritating when going car show room and meeting car salesman. because you cant get to choose on what you want to see or hear.
For example if you want to buy Peugeot 308 or Peugeot 107 and you go to any Peugeot Dealer; they will tell you on what they want you hear and see. Most importantly when buying a car, you first need to know what do you really want, in other word functional specification. Example: you want to buy brand new or used Peugeot 308 i.e: the suspension, horse power, mileage, maintenance, warranty etc. It's like you doing your own groceries shopping. Once you list everything on what you need, then you can find any Peugeot Dealer that is nearest to your place.

Sound simple? Here is the website that you can do the above:
Best part of it, you've got the opportunity to compare price and get better deal online. Who knows, from the comparison price and you go and visit the dealer, you might get another discount. As you can see, you can just click at the icon for favorite car like Ford, Chevrolet, Citroen etc. Though you can find another car at the filtration or selection, i would think it would be much better if the website can put a shortcut icon just like the rest. On the other hand, they have a very limited new car info. i.e: If I wanted to buy a brand new Honda or Merce, i couldnt find it and I can only find used Honda. Does that mean new honda or Merce is not worth to buy it? I don't know the reason behind it. Probably they have some sort like agreement.

Another thing that i like about it is that, it is considered one stop portal for car. Everything you need when buying a car is there. They give you information about the finance, insurance and srappage scheme. On the other hand, the portal is only for UK resident. Not applicable for those who live outside of UK

May 2, 2009

Sukuk Simpanan Rakyat 2009

Our Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Najib has announced the mini budget of RM60billion earlier to stimulus the economy. One of the programme in this budget is the Sukuk Simpanan Rakyat 2009 (Islamic Bond). The objective of this bond is to give a chance to people to earn some income during this economy crisis period, where most of the people not dare to invest in equity.

This bond is opened for all Malaysian above 21 year old, and the minimum investment is RM1,000, while the maximum investment is RM50,000 per investor. The bond will be launched at 14 May 2009, but the offer period is from 14 April 2009 to 13 May 2009. The agent for this offer will be all the commercial banks, including Bank Islam, Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN), and Bank Pertanian Malaysia. Commercial banks are banks like Maybank, Public Bank, CIMB Bank, EON Bank, Ambank, RHB Bank and so forth.

The maturity period of this bond is 3 years from the issue date. Interest will be paid out quarterly with 5% interest per annum. This means that if you invest RM1,000 into it, you will receive RM12.50 every quarter, until the bond is matured after 3 years. After 3 years, you will get back your initial investment, which is RM1,000. So, in total you will receive RM150 of interest during these 3 years.

For more detailed, you can refer to the Bank Negara website:

Personally thinking, this bond is suitable for those who not able to take risk at all. At this time, bond with 5% is really not bad, as the Fixed Deposits interest rate now is only 2.5% per annum. However, during this economy crisis, stocks market has dropped quite a lot, and most of the stocks now are at fair value level, and some even are undervalued. For those who can bear the risk and looking for higher return, should consider to invest in equity instead of this bond.

Apr 12, 2009

How to save on tax in Malaysia??

Yo guys! April is tax payer month in Malaysia. Here some tips on how to save or escape from paying tax and benefit to your self. Instead of paying to the government (a.k.a IRB @ LHDN - Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri), it would be much better you pay to yourself or for your families/children because you work hard all year from 8 to 5 (or more). This is only applicable for individual. If you owned a company, consult with your tax advisor.
  • Save for your children's education with Skim Pendidikan Nasional (Up to RM3,000 in tax relief)
  • Ask your employer to increase your EPF contribution in lieu of income (up to RM6,000 tax relief - shared with life insurance)
  • Change your cash remuneration to cash reimbursement (for benefit-in-kinds that are not entitled to tax exemption)
  • Ask for a company car (part of remuneration repackaging)
  • Make charitable contributions (individuals get rebates of up 7% of their aggregate income)
  • Take up postgraduate studies (tax relief of up to RM5,000)
  • Read, read, read (tax relief of up to RM1,000 for reading material purchases)
  • Get Sporty (tax relief of up to RM300 for purchase of sports equipment)
  • Buy life insurance (tax relief of up to RM6,000 - shared with your EPF contribution)
  • Take up a medical insurance shared together with education policy (tax relief of up to RM5,000)
  • Pay your parents' medical bills (tax relief of up to RM5,000)
  • Do a medical check up (tax relief of up to RM500 for yourself, spouse or children) and medical bills for serious illnesses tax relief of up to RM5000 (combined with medical check up should not exceed RM5,000)
  • Pay zakat for muslim (rebate of up to 2.5% of your aggregate income)
  • Buy a computer (tax relief of up to RM3,000 every 3 years)
  • Buy propery at or below RM250,000 (50% stamp duty exemption, extended to loan agreements under budget 2009)
  • Buy similar property (if similar properties are group together, you can reduce the taxable profit made from one property with the loss, if any, incurred from the others)
(Excerpt from Personal Money April 2009 issues)

Hope this helps. Sharing is caring :P

Apr 11, 2009

Lazy Sunday


My Car is still at workshop.

Dunno how long more it takes.

Apr 10, 2009

London for Backpackers

I think everyone in the world know where London is. Flight cost can be pretty much expected. Here what I have found recently. One stop portal for those who want to go London. I can say that it is almost the "wikipedia" of London. All information about London is stored the portal. The information and everything you need is at your finger tip at the portal:

First impression of this portal, it is well categorized and it makes easy for visitor to google what they really want to find in London. This London wikipedia website also provide GPS-like or Google-earth-like map. Just click on the map, it will display anything in that particular area that you click. i.e: if you click on Southwark, the information will be displayed from restaurants, bar, entertainment, hostels etc available in Southwark.

As a tourist who has been to many places around the world, pre-plan itinerary would be helpful to reduce cost and save time. One need to consider the following to go to London:
1. A place to stay; hotels vs. hostels London
2. Good restaurants

Knowing London one of the biggest and expensive in the world, I would suggest anyone to choose hostel especially backpackers. There are about 200 plus hostels in London. The hostels London is as good any low cost hotel. From the portal, it also gives review and you can filter out and it can be sort from good to worst or vice versa. Additionaly, it also provides website so that you can pre-online booking without hesitation. The portal will provide you a good place to visit nearest to hostels that you stay. It makes your journey worthwhile and save cost.

As multi-cultural city, London serves many cuisines from all around the world. If you know the right restaurants and good review, you will not regret every single dime that you spend for food. For those who love indian food (for your information, many indians migrate to London and Indian is considered as one of the highest migrating foreigner in London); you can't really miss the indian cuisines; be it Southern or Northern Indian Cuisines. Try the indian sweet like gulab jamun or indian spicy like kebab or briyanis. You can find plenty of Indian Restaurants London.

Nice Capati in London

Tasty Dosa in the heart of London

You can find "Little India" just like any other China Town. You'll be amazed!

In summary, the portal gives information that visitors need. The best damn thing about the portal, it supports multi language; major language which is English, spanish, german, French. To make the review is accurate and reliable, every reviewers must be a registered user and login is required.

The only disadvantage of this portal is that, to do pre-online booking; you have to open another website through URL address provided in the website.

Apr 8, 2009

Gateway to Jesolo Italy

Gateway to Jesolo Italy

Anyone know about Jesolo? I don't know about it since I have never been to Italy. I only know Rome, Pisa Tower, Venice and all those historical places in Italy. Jesolo is not famous for its history. It fames as one of the best beach in Italy. The town lies north of Venice, between Eraclea and Cavallino-Treporti.

Weather in Hotel Jesolo? Damn good! Humid, hot and shiny. best place to get your sun tan.

What about accommodation like a place to stay? There’s a few Hotel Jesolo. One of the recommended hotel in Jesolo; Park Hotel Brasilia. Park Hotel Brasilia, is ideally located in the East area of Lido di Jesolo away from traffic crowd and few steps from the main shopping street which, in the evening, is a pedestrian area.

The interior of the hotel conquests with the gentle design and soft colors of furniture and décor. The stunning landscape is accomplice of the evenings, by candlelight, in the refined restaurant Ipanema.

The rate is quite reasonable and equipped with facilities like pool, gym. And now the hotel is giving best offer and best deal, and you can save cost on this.

Park Hotel is rated as hotel 4 stelle jesolo which meant it is 4 star rating. With 4 stelle rating, it should be safe for tourist to visit Jesolo, Italy.

One thing that really confuse me is the name. When I first read Park Hotel Brasilia, I thought it is located in Brasil. If you go to the website, it lack of information on spa, masseur and what kind of cuisine they have. As a tourist or hotel guest, I'd like to see every detail thing provided from A to Z.

As you can see the picture below is the view of hotel jesolo lido, yes the Lido Di Jesolo!!

Location of hotel jesolo lido? It is isolated from traffic jam, city crowded and away from polution. You can have a peace of mind here at Hotel Jesolo. I forgot to mention about Gondola Ride. You can stay here Hotel Jesolo and then go for Gondola Ride because Jesolo is a town and located in the province of Venice, Italy.

What to eat? there's a few hotel in hotel Jesolo. You can enjoy nice and finest cuisines around this area.

What else? Yes, shopping! You can't miss it. Plenty of souvenirs to be bought in Jesolo, you name it.

Despite other thing that I mentioned above, everything else should be fine. Enjoy your trip if you were going to Lido Di Jesolo, Italy. Enjoy it the italian way :)

Mar 12, 2009

Ipanema Slipper at Philippines

First of all, i am in Philippines again since 2 march 2009. Ipanema? This is the bloody expensive slipper. I have never heard about it until 2 days ago, a friend asked me to look for these slippers. So, i went to the mall and asked people around about it. I thot it was local traditional product. I went to local souvenir shop. nobody knew it. So, i walked around to mall and looked for shoes section. Found it. I think only rich people wear it. and one of the top supermodel endorses these slippers. Dunno what's so special about it. This is it.

It is imported from Brasil. There are lot of design, but the pic that i took is more or less my preference.

If you like it, tell me via e-mail. I'll buy it for u.


Jan 9, 2009

Mission to Pakistan: Transit at Bangkok

Just arrived at bangkok. Time now around 2 pm local. Surprisingly, bangkok airport do reserve place for muslim to pray. I saw many muslim (not local muslim), look like they are either from India or pakistan because i heard hindi word. Acha.....hehehheh.. I am now at Business lounge Thai Airways Royal Silk. This is the advantage having business ticket. If i were on economy class, hell i wont have this kind of facility. First thing to do, i prayed first then straight away to the computer.

I will depart from bangkok around 19.00 local. I will go around and snoop the airport shop, see any souvenir to buy especially key'chain, t'shirt etc. Fridge magnet, definitely a no no answer....

Flight from KLIA to Bangkok, the stewardess are not beautiful as i have seen in the website. Malaysian Stewardess much better....kekekeek..... perhap from bangkok to karachi, my view will be changed... we will see.

Waiting for my colleauge to finish prayer, then will snoop around.

till then.

Live from bangkok airport 10 January 2009

Mission to Karachi, Pakistan: Pre-Departure

though i have been through a lot of disappointment at the office, i somehow manage to convince the Boss to allow myself to go to Pakistan.

I will depart tomorrow afternoon at 13.00 pm from KLIA. I will first go to Bangkok (because direct flight from KLIA is not available except on Monday and Thursday). Voila! 2-in-1. Go to bangkok then, karachi pakistan. At first, i thought to use as many route as possible. I am thinking when coming back home, to use flight to go to dubai and then Kuala Lumpur. Isn't awesome? heheheh. But no, i can't do that. The company restrict certain airlines, they have selected preferred airlines. There's no preferred airlines from karachi to Dubai.

according to company's policy, flight more than 4 hours, employee is eligible to use business class. awesome, business class and thai airways.

I will stay at sheraton. I am not sure whether we are allowed to go outing for shopping, sightseeing etc after the workshop hour. You guys know me, i'd love to do some sightseeing, shopping, eating bla..bla. anything to do with travelling.

Pre-departure, i am trying to find what are available in Karachi. I know the weather is mild cold at this time. I am advisable to bring light jacket. I know food will be awesome and delicious. dunno about the rest.

I am just trying having a good time there. I will have access to WIFI/internet. So, wait for my next entry. Live from Bangkok (maybe if time permitted) and Karachi Pakistan.

See your in the next entry

Jan 7, 2009

Stop the madness in Gaza!!!

Innocent Child at stake. What has this child done to die like this?

Poor child. How many more life has to be sacrificed??

Jan 5, 2009

Another Bloodshed

Father of three. moaning in front of his three died children. If the father became a suicide bomber, can we blame him?

I am speechlesssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

اللَّهُمَّ انصُرِ الإِسلام والمْسُلِمِينَ

اللَّهُمَّ انصُرِ المْسُلِمينَ فِي كُلِّ مَكَانٍ

اللَّهُمَّ انصُرِ المْسُلِمينَ فِي فَلَسطِين (3كالي)

اللَّهُمَّ دَمَّر الكفَارَ واليَهُـودَ والنَّصَارَى والمْشُرِكِينَ

اللَّهُمَّ يَا اللّـه يَا اللّـه يَا اللّـه إِهزِمهُم وَانصُرناَ عَلَيهِم

Jan 4, 2009

Gaza Bleeds

Not a word can describe the cruelty of Israelis/Zionists!!!

Gaza bleeds - in pictures