Nov 26, 2008

A Story about Facebook

I have been listening to flyfm radio channel this evening. There was an interesting topic being discussed; facebooking. I dunno about you guys. Recently so many of my friends asked me to facebook. Be it my office mate or ex-school mate or many of my friends. It has been a trend. Even my ex-lecturer whom i met during last reunion also facebooks.

I do realize that facebook has the positive aspects; it can connect and network your old friends, school mate, university, classroom etc.

U guys must know that facebook can also cause trouble in your life. Let me tell you a story. Friend of friend of mine who is having 2 wives. At facebook, if you are married, you can only put one wife that has relationship with the facebooker. Eventually, this guy put the second wife as a person having relationship with him. Later the first wife knew, world war III; accusing him for not being fair to the first one. FYI, both wives are also on Facebook. What happened next, they quarreled at facebook. Consequently, everyone read it. what a shame. I didn't know the end of this story.

Who knows what are other things that facebook can trouble your life. I don't really like to facebook and i dunno why. Probably i have been exposed so much the trend facebook alike (i.eL friendster, myspace, Hi5, tagged etc). I'd prefer to blog.

My advice, don't put so much your personal info at facebook. Keep some for your life

Nov 19, 2008

When Tun Mahathir says....

Recently, Tun Mahathir has given his comments about the future of Malaysian Prime Minister. He was saying that non-malay can become the prime minister one day (not in the near future). As usual and as i expected the reaction from UMNO member or for those who really supports him, will comment, whatever he says, it is something to ponder. An overwhelming reaction. bla...bla..

What if, same thought is coming from opposition party (i.e: PAS or PKR or any malay dominated parties), what would be the reaction? I can guarantee whoever comes out with this statement will be labeled as Malay Traitor, ungrateful malay, Disrespectful Malay and many labels. . I remember back then, Chief Minister of Kelantan, Datok Nik Aziz nik mat who has come out with the same opinion but with the clause as long as he/she is muslim malay or non malay can become the prime minister. The reaction was the other way around.

Not that i disagree or agree with what Tun Mahathir said, nevertheless this is the way of malaysian politics.

It should be, it is not about "who said" but the important thing "what is said".

Nov 4, 2008

Obama win!

As expected, Obama won landslide victory for US presidential election. This is also the first time in the history of american president, who is Black. He won 60%-+ of the overall vote.

I am wondering, will there be any change in US foreign policy? in the past, when a new president was elected, there will be a change this and that. in the end, every american president are all the same. It has come to my sense, whoever becomes the US president doesn't matter. Most important is people around him. they the one whose been advising the president on what to do and what not to do. To become a leader, u just need a good people around you, ask them to do this and that, and you blend the information and then claim; that's your idea. this is what we call as "deliver through others"; the 9 planets leadership framework.

What kind of president will Obama be?