Nov 30, 2009

One wish fulfilled: Iphone 3GS 16GB White

Last year in October, I wish I had 4 things. Because of financial commitment or lack of focus, i should have got at least one of the 4 items listed in the entry below by mid year of 2009.

unfortunately, nothing happened during the mid year of 2009. I kept postponing. However, last couple of week, i registered for maxis and bought the Iphone white in Color 16 GB. When first got the iphone, it's rather difficult to comprehend its function. No manual was given. I had to do a lot of extra reading. then, i understand its functions. I can say it is very powerful phone. It really change my perspective. at first i thought, iphone is just another phone with fancy touchscreen.

Now, with iphone, i can view US Option, Currency Exchange, stock market movement, gold price, radio, mobile banking, azan software, yahoo messenger etc.

Well, now left another 3 wishes:
1. DSLR Camera - Nikon D300s is on my mind right now
2. LCD TV - Samsung new 5 series which can connect to Youtube, HD
3. Mac Apple Machine - MacPro 15"

Dunno how long it takes. Probably another year. just wait and see.